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The Internet of Things is in the queue of biggest technological advancements which will have a huge impact on our lives in the upcoming years. The amount of IoT devices and their collaborative behavior causes new challenges to the scalability of traditional software testing, and the heterogeneity of IoT devices increases costs and the complexity of testing due to number of variables. It becomes imperative for the QA team to come up with an effective test strategy to meet the quality of these diverse products.

With Volanium leverage end-to-end testing to assure optimum performance of all the variables of IoT enabled solutions.

Key Features

  • Hybrid framework (keyword and data-driven)
  • Parallel execution
  • Integration with test management and CI/CD tools (Git, Jenkins and Bitbucket etc.)
  • Mobile/Web application functionality testing
  • Scalability Testing: Up to 50K+ users on various devices and operating systems in the cloud
  • Application→Cloud→Device connectivity check
  • Reliable and reusable test scripts with easy reporting


Volanium Mobile is a test automation framework for Android and iOS mobile applications. It is a customized and configurable framework developed on the top of Appium and Robot framework.


  • Single test case for Android and iOS
  • Reusable test cases across multiple versions of Operating Systems
  • Built-in reporting and test status notification via e-mail and team collaboration tools

This test automation framework is for cloud application programming interface. It is developed to support various cloud components, message format, and cloud interfaces.


  • Multiple message formats support like MQTT, JSON, XML, XMPP etc.
  • Cloud database validation

Volanium Embedded is a test automation framework for smart embedded devices and firmware.


  • Quick test automation of embedded platform with minimum integration efforts
  • Supports all major embedded hardware interfaces like I2C, SPI, Eth, UART etc



A test automation framework for web applications testing. It is developed on the top of Selenium and Robot framework.


  • Robust object configuration for reliable tests and reduced maintenance
  • Supports cross-browser testing
  • Plug and play modules
  • Multiple plugin support
  • Loosely connected components
  • Third party integration



Improved testing efficiency


Test-scripts reusability


Minimal manual intervention


Easy to add and configure test cases


Reduced solution time-to-market


Enhanced customer satisfaction

Freqently Asked Questions

Volanium test automation framework is designed to perform end-to-end product testing for IoT ecosystem which includes the test of various IoT components like mobile applications (iOS/Android), cloud, embedded end devices and web applications.

It is a collection of frameworks for these components: Volanium Mobile, Volanium Cloud, Volanium Embedded and Volanium Web which collectively used for end-to-end testing of IoT ecosystem.

Volanium is developed using Python 3.0.

No. Volanium automation framework is a collection of different frameworks. It can be used for IoT end-to-end testing as well as for individual components. For mobile application testing, Volanium Mobile can be used which is a part of Volanium automation framework suite.

Yes. If the application flow and structure is same for iOS and Android then same test cases can be re-used with configuration changes.

Yes, Volanium can be integrated with any CI (Continuous Integration) tools including the Jenkins.

No. Volanium is developed on the top of Volansys customized framework and Robot framework. The test scripting is in English-like language and hence does not require any kind of scripting language expertise.

Volanium test automation suite is a plug and play framework. With the continuous configuration and minimum integration effort, any mobile, cloud and web application’s test cases can be automated.

The only effort required is to create the test case in English like language. No development efforts are required.

The Volanium Embedded requires the customization based on the nature and communication interfaces of device for embedded device test automation.

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